Ingredients : Eclipta Alba, Schleicheua Trijuga, Curcumalonga, Oroxylon Indicum, Crataina Religiosa,Merre mia Tridentata, Santalam Album, Cocos Nucifera
Uses for disease like : Headache,Sinusitis,Migraine,Eye pain,Nape ache,Sleeplessness
Usage :
HEAD ACHE : Apply 3 ml to 5 ml of Sukhdayini Plus on the head, the oil which is on the palm can be massaged on neck and face. Repeat two or three times with 5 minutes interval. Take rest for 30 to 60 minutes then bath in lukewarm water without shampoo or soap. Use once a day until headache is cured.

MIGRANE / SLEEPLESSNESS : Apply 3 ml of Sukhdayini Plus on the head and the oil which is on the palm can be massaged on the neck and face. Repeat 5 to 7 times (according to the severity of the disease) take rest for 60 to 90 minutes. Take bath in lukewarm water .
Once a day until the disease is cured.

SINUSITIS : Place the supplied lint on the head. Administer Sukhdayini Plus drop by drop to the lint till it is soaked pour 10 to 15 ml of Sukhdayini plus every 15 minutes till one third of the oil in the bottle is finished. Oil that flows down should be massaged on the face and neck.

Whenever Sukhdayini Plus is applied sit either on a stool or a chair in order to straighten your back bone and let your mind and body at complete rest.

Use the first 100 ml for 3 days second 100 ml. for 5 days and from the thirds onwards for 8 days and continue at 41 days. The continued use of Sukhdayini Plus will keep you away from all kinds of siroroga in future.

BRIGHT MEMORY : For students, business people, high rank officials (who have to take intelligent decision) to have bright and sharp memory.

Use Sukhdayini plus on the head as equal volume as usual bathing oil. Take bath after half an hour.

WAY OF ACTION : Sukhdayini plus keeps equilibrium of 3 dosha (rata, pita, khapa) and takes body and mind from jagrat(conscious stage) to swapna (sub conscious mind) by this process all thoughts and actions of consicious stage are kept rearranged in the subconscious mind for future from swapna to sushupti (un conscious) body and mind get biological renewal.
Warning :
External use only
Available forms : Oil
Note : It is better to use this after 4pm than in the morning