Ingredients : Azhadirachta Indica, Murraya Koenigi, Terminalia Bellarica, Myristica fragrans, Punica Granatam, Coriandrum Satirm, Allium Satirum
Uses for disease like : Constipation,Ulcer,Gas Trouble,Acidity,Worms,Stomach Diseases
Usage :
Gas Trouble:- Mix tea spoon of medicine with convenient quantity of hot water and take.

Constipation:- Mix tea spoon of medicine either with drinking water or with hot water take this mixture before going to sloop at night.

For Ist three days tea spoon of medicine , the next two days tea spoon like up to a full spoon medicine can be taken one time.

Worms:- Take tea spoon of medicine as mentioned above for a week in morning and night.
For children:- A pinch of medicine can be mixed with honey or jaggery.
Ulcer and Piles :- Mix tea spoon of medicine with curd to a convenient solution and let it remain for 12 hours. Drink twice daily ie, first and last item of the day, for the first week followed by a single dose. Patients in the beginning stage should use the medicine only at night.
Warning :
It is an Ayurvedic research preparation. Hence strict diet is recommended. Avoid non vegetarian food and alcohol completely, apple , tomato, potato ,tapioca, tea, coffee and milk should be limited to the minimum. Water or anything of its kind should not be taken along with meals. This should be taken only half an hour after meals. This can be taken only half an hour after meals. Fasting is advised once in a week. (Diabetic patients are exempted from fasting)

Some patients may feel vomiting sensation when they take the medicine for the first time. It is because of high acidity in their stomach.

A few patients may feel loose motion. It is because of the cleaning the unwanted waste from the alementary track. They should continue the medicine.

It is not recomented during pregnancy
Available forms : Choornam